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Meeting Primrose

This photo means a lot to me. You know the phrase, You’ve come a long way baby? That’s what I think when I see this photo.

     I was just off a 24 hour flight from the US to Zimbabwe. Only a few hours earlier at the airport in Johannesburg, I had sent one last text to my family in the US: Arrive in Zim in a few hours and will be holding Loveness soon. Instead, when I got off the plane in Zimbabwe, I was told Loveness had died. This photo was taken a few hours after that.

     I had been taken to the hospital where Loveness’s body was in the morgue. I still wanted to hold her. But first with a heavy heart and tears in my eyes, I passed through the Children’s Ward at the hospital and met these three children, all abandoned. I am holding Tanya, Cheepo is sleeping in the crib they all shared and staring me down is Primrose.  There were a total of six abandoned children in the hospital on that day. Four infants, including Loveness, had die…