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The Catalyst to Choose Love

Earlier this year, I was invited to give a speech during Catalyst Week in Downtown Las Vegas. The speech was about a catalyst moment in my life. I chose to speak about going to Zimbabwe to adopt a baby in 2008, only to discover she died just before I arrived.

Losing the baby was a catalyst moment because I had the choice to leave immediately and never return to Zimbabwe (which was my first instinct) or to stay in Zimbabwe and spend eight days grieving a baby in a country I'd never been to, among people I didn't know.

I stayed.

I spent most of the next eight days taking care of a crew of abandoned children that lived at a local hospital. They reminded me to go beyond the wounds and sadness and Choose Love.

By the end of the following year, I had returned to Zimbabwe seven times, and founded House of Loveness (HOL), an organization to care and educate abandoned and orphaned children.

Now, HOL has 501(c)3 status through the loving support of our fiscal sponsor From The Heart Pro…