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Africa is not for sissies

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. -Gandhi

During trips to Zimbabwe, I end most days sitting on the verandah of the B&B I stay at when I'm visiting the children supported through House of Loveness.  After a day of travel to villages and working with the children, I enjoy digesting the day as I watch the African sky change from blue to a rainbow of soft colors as the sun is setting.

One evening a man on the porch greeted me as I took a seat.  He was Zimbabwean and was surprised to hear my American accent.  He didn't live in Zimbabwe anymore.  He was even more surprised when I told him I traveled alone to Zimbabwe (and other parts of Africa) several times a year.
"Africa is not for sissies," he said to me. 

He had a hard time understanding why I would come to Zimbabwe to help the children, rather than just go on a vacation and relax at the beach. 

I do get the benefits of a vacation when I'm in Zimbabwe (tourism a…