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Springtime In Zimbabwe

I spent a week in Zimbabwe in August.  I really didn't want go. I'm so grateful I got on the plane anyway.

Before I left, I was feeling frustrated about the recent elections in Zim and how the results would affect the citizens.  I was also frustrated because House of Loveness needs a new car (the kids are taking buses and hitching rides to school).  I was frustrated because I desire to move the children to a better home but we don’t have enough money to make it possible.  I was frustrated because we are having problems getting birth certificates for the (abandoned) kids and they need these to go to boarding school.  I also felt pressure to stay in the US for the release of my new film so I could pay my own bills. 
The trip ended up being filled with deep connection to the children, the animals, the people, the land and the sunsets.  My frustrations turned to gratitude.

My first morning in Zimbabwe, I woke up early for a walk with three rhinos in Imirie safari park as the sun was …