We All Count

House of Loveness children at school

Six months ago I was having dinner with my friend Susie S. in London. I was on the way back to the U.S. from Africa where I had been visiting the children my organization, House of Loveness, supports in Zimbabwe.  London was an overnight stop on flights home that were pieced together through frequent flier mileage. I always leave Zimbabwe happy but broke. On the 20+ hours of planes home, I look at the videos and photos I took with the children and I organize my lists of things I need to raise money for my next trip to Zim: 32 pairs of new shoes in sizes 1-5, books for the school we support, donations to cover tuition for the children and an additional teacher, new school uniforms, the list goes on and on.

When I arrived in London, I was grateful for the time with Susie, an expat from the US, now living and working in England.  I had just celebrated my birthday (by myself) in Cape Town before I went on to Zimbabwe to see the children. I told Susie how much I enjoyed my birthday in one of my favorite cities in the world. I asked Susie what her birthday plans were this year.  I knew she loved a party! When she turned 30 she had a massive party that was such a hit her friends begged her to repeat it the following year and they did...for the next 8 years. This year she is turning 40. How could she possibly top her previous parties?

Susie looked at me and said. "I want to do something meaningful this year. I'd like to skip my party and have my friends donate to the children you support through House of Loveness." 

And so in August 2011, Susie turned 40 and began a 40 day crowd-funding campaign on IndieGoGo for House of Loveness. Her goal is to raise $4,000 to go towards the education of the children supported through HOL In just 2 weeks the campaign has raised over $2,500!

The children will celebrate Susie's birthday with a party in Zimbabwe given in her honor at the end of the campaign. None of them  have ever had a birthday cake or made a birthday wish. Their birthdays come and go (they are abandoned & orphaned so we don't know most of their real birth dates). This year the cake for Susie's 40th birthday will be filled with candles for Susie and all of the children supported by House of Loveness. Susie's wish is a wonderful reminder that we all count.

                   "At the end of this 40 day campaign the children are going to have a 
                   party for me in Zimbabwe.  I probably won't be there.  But it will be 
                   the most important one yet." -Susie S.


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