Remembering That We All Count

                            A Birthday Wish by Susie S.

 Once a year, no matter what else is going on, people in my life, friends, family and co-workers have taken the time to celebrate the moment I came onto the planet.  I'm so grateful for that.  Imagine not knowing?

 Birthdays have always been special for me.  I was born on my youngest Aunt's 7th birthday and there were always two cakes so we each were special.  Then, as the years passed I met more friends who were born the same day in August.  Marcia, Geoff, Shelly, it is so fun to celebrate with you!

When I was 11, my mom bought me a horse for my birthday.  One of the best moments in my life.  I had to do a scavenger hunt all over town and ended up in my Grandma's yard where he was waiting.

On my 16th birthday I passed my driver's test.

When I turned 30 I threw a huge party for 100 people. It was so much fun we did it for 8 years in a row

We use our birthday so many times every day.  We take it for granted.  You need your birthday for your passport and every other piece of ID you have your whole life.  They use it on your tombstone and your death certificate too. It's how you look up your horoscope and many of you even use it for your passwords!

At its simplest essence it means you counted.  That the moment you were born was considered important enough by society to be marked.  All the celebrations that followed are the wonderful bi-product of the simple truth that you counted. 

The abandoned and orphaned children supported through House of Loveness in Zimbabwe count too. I want to remind them of that. They've never had a birthday or blown out candles on a cake.  They don't know the day they were born or their exact age.  They have never made a birthday wish...

In honor of my 40th birthday in August 2011 this is my birthday wish.  I hope that instead of buying me a drink, taking me to dinner or giving me a gift, you will celebrate a virtual party with me to benefit the children of Zimbabwe supported through House of Loveness. So please celebrate with me (again)...the gift is to be counted and still counting!  But this year let's do it this way:  save the postage and the card and the texting fees...and instead purchase a virtual celebration for me to benefit the children supported by House of Loveness. 

Every donation for my birthday will receive some special birthday swag because I know you all like gifts as much as I do!

At the end of this 40 day campaign the children are going to have a party for me in Zimbabwe.   I probably won't be there.  But it will be the most important one yet.  Let's see what kind of wondrous amplification our fun can have.  I'll buy the real drinks in gratitude. 


The Impact: Empowering Children Through Education

      Education is the most powerful weapon which you 
          can use to change the world. -Nelson Mandela
House of Loveness serves the emergency and long-term needs of at risk children in Zimbabwe. The birthday donations will go towards school fees and supplies for the Angel Academy in Chitungwiza. This school survives solely on the support of donations to House of Loveness.  Currently the school has 36 students age 2-9. For all of the children, it's their first opportunity to be in a classroom. Your donation will give them the gift of education. Your donation will remind them that they count.

* Special thanks to the uber talented singer/actress Carla Duren for allowing us to use her song "belove" for the campaign. For more information or look for her in the new indie film "gone Elvis"

*If your donation is made in the US it is tax-deductible through the HOL fiscal sponsor From The Heart Productions.


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